TV Video Content Distribution

Our primary asset is our deep understanding of the global TV market and our long term relationships with local distribution partners and platforms like hotel chains.

Our key personnel have a combined 100 years of experience working at the highest levels in this sector - with a contacts book to match!

Our global sales network spans 6 continents and comprises over 20 international agents, professional dedicated organisations each with an in-depth understanding of their local territories.

Working to a client brief, our marketing team will quickly establish a sales proposition and identify target outlets together with budgets. Once approved, our team will swing rapidly into action. All activity is centrally coordinated and managed from either London or Dubai providing simplicity and control for clients.

Connexion has a sister company involved in the technical distribution of many TV channels on satellite and internet platforms. A growing number of these are available for us to market and introduce to hotel and TV platforms around the world. In addition Connexion has a constantly increasing catalogue of VOD content which can be delivered as a VOD library or we can package the content into a unique channel for particular DTH or hotel operator.

Content Licensing and Syndication Consultancy and Management

Connexion can manage on a client’s behalf the complete process of content licensing from sourcing to delivery. Services includes market research, commercial negotiation with content owners and with delivery platform operators to insure that clients get ultimate value for money with respect to content appeal and market penetration within their target audiences.

Linear TV Channel Retransmission Service

Our Clients can select a TV channel or multiple channels they wish to add to their platform and Connexion will agree licensing terms and deliver the channel to a specified head-end delivery point. If required the channel can be time-delayed to get in line with the platform’s local time, it can be rebranded with a new logo and it can be packaged with local commercial breaks.

New TV Channel Playout Service

Our Clients can select the content library or simply define the channel type with respect to content genre and weekly schedule playout plan and Connexion will source the content, schedule the playout, brand the channel and deliver the signal to required destination.

VOD Service

Our Clients can select video content and Connexion will transcode and package it per platform requirements and deliver the files ready to play.